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Come on get happy!

I want to hear about good things. I let some negativity get to me earlier today and I decided I don’t want to continue to let it feed into me. I have enough on my plate. So tell me whats good today, this week, coming up, whatever. I just want to hear happy.

I’ll start with my own. Peep started her transition to the 2 year old room at daycare on Monday. It was supposed to be a week long transition but she took to it so quickly she’s in there full time since yesterday. She LOVES it. They have tiny cute toilets and a bubbler they can easily reach. She loves getting drinks. Her favorite part of the room is the science area and the books of course. Her teacher tells us she’s ahead of her classmates in terms of identifying things and her alphabet. I’m just so proud of her. She’s been really affectionate lately lots of hugging and kissing. Oh and so much singing. So much.


ETA: thanks RBE for the share!

ETA2: just did the math on how much less in daycare we’ll be paying now that she’s older and all I can say is “woohoo!”

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